Jewellery Care

  • Be gentle when handling jewellery and use a light hand when putting on or removing jewellery.

    • Avoid contact with moisture such as lotions, perfumes or acidic solutions that may affect coating or shine of your jewellery. 

    • Keep all jewellery in a dry, non-humid place such as a jewellery pouch to ensure longevity of pieces.

      • Be mindful to not get your jewellery caught or hooked onto clothing fabrics as this can cause the chain to break or damage the clasp. Should this happen, gently remove the fabric and do not tug the piece of jewellery in an attempt to "untangle" it. 

        • Although solid gold jewellery can be worn daily, we encourage you to clean your pieces at least once a week with several drops of warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. This will help retain its lustre and prevent a build up of debris. 

          • To best preserve and maintain the shine of your jewellery, we advise not wearing your jewellery into the shower. This applies to both demi-fine and fine jewellery.

            • For sterling silver jewellery, gently clean your pieces with the anti tarnishing cloth provided to maintain its shine.