Taking care of your most precious jewel (you)

Taking care of your most precious jewel (you)


How has working from home been for you? 

If you've been trying to get into the right head space, hey, we're feel you. Personally, there are days where finding your purpose can be a struggle. But the good news is...it's normal to have bad days. In a recent TED talk I listened to, the speaker shared that the only time you get to not experience negativity or struggle is when you're well..dead.

The key to finding fulfilment is to find out what inspires you and then do it. I don't declare myself as an expert in this subject matter, but these are some of the things I personally do to live a little more purposefully. 

1. Think about what you like to do..then do it.

Do you like to read, cook, knit or exercise? Working from home can blur the lines between personal space and working time but it's important to carve out some time during the day to do you. Whether it's scheduling 30 minutes for a quick workout or cooking for your family, set aside the never ending work to-do list and do things that keep your spirits up! 

2. Don't just be there, be present. 

Whether you're having dinner with your partner or taking a 5 minute break to make yourself a cup of coffee, be truly present in the moment.  Have you ever experienced doing something you do everyday (perhaps making a cup of coffee) and accidentally adding salt instead of sugar?  Known as "everyday trances", it's a form of self hypnosis when our brains are overloaded that we hit the fuel reserve mode. Being on auto-pilot makes us less engaged in the world around us. The next time you find yourself shifting into auto-pilot, remind yourself to be present, perhaps appreciate the aroma coming from that great cup of coffee!

3. Challenge yourself and look for ways to grow.

Do you ever get the feeling that you're stuck in a cycle? I know I do. Break the cycle by finding things that inspire and intrigue you and motivate you to want to do better. Happiness is a byproduct of action, so taking steps towards self improvement can help find some fulfilment in your work or in your life. If you want to pick up a new skill but you're at ground zero, take baby steps to do research, listen to podcasts or watch LinkedIn Learning videos. There's a wealth of experience and expertise over the net and these are great touch points to broaden your perspective. 

Whatever the task at hand, be open to new perspectives, respect that your journey is unique and remember that failure is part of success.

I hope you found these tips helpful! 

Take care and stay safe.



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